Yulin Dog Meat Festival – humanity or hypocrisy?

Note: contains graphic contents.

Remember the outrage humanitarians during Chinese Yulin Dog Meat festival?  You have to.

If you do not, let me remind you. Yulin dog festival is an annual 10 days festival, where thousands, if not millions of dogs are butchered for human consumption.


Did your heart throb reading this? Eyes bled?


Well, let us think of it the other way. Millions of chickens are slaughtered every day for your favourite KFC meal, thousands of cows for that favourite, mouthwatering stew of yours.

Doesn’t sound that horrific, does it?


If people, following their culture eat something that goes beyond our ethical values, we are enraged. While, if it’s based on our culture, its fine. Who cares for those chicken? Universally accepted for them to be butchered right?


It is understandable if vegans were the ones protesting, makes perfect sense. But why the chick and beef eaters?

Don’t they feel pain? Don’t they have a life?

Consider it this way, is it really humane or just the highest kind of hypocrisy from our side?

Let us think for a few minutes.

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