The secret ingredient is always “CHEESE”!

Hello, I am up with another blog. So, basically this blog is for the ones who love DOSAS, specially the DOSAS Wwith lots and lots of CHEESE. So, as there is this new snacks corner you might be unaware of which offers CHEESE in so many varieties, I personally find it as a gateway to dosa heaven with its variety of absolutely yummy dosas!

What Is It?

Pure Milk Centre in Ghatkopar serves all things yummy and they are the most popular stop for dosas  in the suburbs. They serve over 100 varieties of dosas and some super cheesy ones make up for one’s daily food affair. Home to some whackiest dosas for the last 40 years, Pure Milk is known for its maggi dosa, cheese burst dosas, chocolate dosa and even ice-cream dosa!

What To Eat?

We tried the cheese burst maggi dosa and it was an instant hit for us! The crispy dosa is layered withcreamy maggi and loaded with oodles of melting cheese. If heaven was food, it definitely would bethis dosa!


 The place is really worth going . They have a variety of dosa and pastas. Their famed dishes are the cheeseburst dosa , 5 cheese pastas and they have a new edition to their cheeseburst dosa that is the Maggie cheese burst dosa . They are very crowded almost every day . It’s a small place but it’s worth every penny . One cheeseburst dosa is enough for two of them . And the best part they make their own cheese and the reason things taste so good . A dosa might cost you around 200-250 but it’s all worth it . They even have other items like pizza sabdwiches. This place is worth every penny . A must on a foodie’s list and paradise for cheese lovers.

If you love dosas, this is one place you must definitely visit.Coming to the food, the ‘cheese burst dosa’ & ‘Maggie dosa’ are amazing.The sight of these dosas served with generous amount of cheese will make you all the more hungry. They taste good and come in with good portions. Value for money!The place is small, so in peak hours you will have some waiting to do, but it’s completely worth it. As I had to wait for 20mins, me and my friends tried their pani puri which too was good.All the dosa lovers out there, do try this place.



Address: 19/20, Vikrant, RB Mehta Marg, Tilak Road, Ghatkopar East, MumbaiContact: 022 25068803Timings: 7 AM to 11 PM


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