The feeling of depression and frustation.

You don’t know when it started or when it will gonna hit you but the moment you felt it,you can’t come out of it.

Hello guys, this is something which is very common among us but evil for every one of us.I am going to talk about the feeling of depression and frustation which makes us weak to face the problems and reduce the ability to work against it.You dont’t know when it grow up deep inside you and comes up with hurting the nearby people and you too.Depression and frustation shows the evil state of mind of you in which you can’t control yourself i.e. you loose the ability to make right decision at that particular moment which at last result in heavy catastrophe.

State of Mind at that time it hits you..

No matter how your mood is? It always appears when the expected thing doesn’t happen or it happens in the way you don’t want.You might be thinking expectations are cause of this type of feeling that is not it.Expectations are not the cause for these feelings but over thinking and over cautious about the expected thing can be.Obviously, expectations are the human tendency and one can’t stop expecting things because its the imagination and the part of execution of a plan.

What makes you to born this type of feeling deep inside you?

Well, its the every negative factor such as anger, irritation, over thinking and over cautious etc.Just think once how it effect your nearby environment when you show your anger to your loved person for just a simple mistake done by them and in return you harm yourself and your dear ones.Irritation causes anger i.e. the which irritates you are the things which makes uh angry.Over thinking and over cautious makes you weak from inside to face the problems and reduce the ability to work against it.

How to get rid of these feelings?

First of all it can’t be fully destroy neither we can hide.Its a feeling which can appear at any time but the thing which you can do to reduce it is to introspect yourself and work on your weakness.Introspection is the best way to understand yourself.Just don’t be over cautious and don’t over think.Try to face every difficulties and learn to work against it.Distract yourself from every negative things around you.Learn to be happy with things you have got and spread your love to the deserved person.

Thank you for reading.Hope you liked it and find it helpful.Please do share it to your friends and family.

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