The Bleeding River, The Temple Of Debod and more. A look at Off-the-beaten track destinations in Spain!

I don’t know whether it is the culture or humbleness of people or maybe the location that attracts people to spain, be it destination wedding, or bucketlist place, everyone wants to go to spain and even if one doesn’t know about spain surely they would wonder about it after watching king’s landing in game of thrones. There are some places in spain known to less number of people. These unusual places aren’t attractive by any means they are just unique and this uniqueness is what attracts travellers and historians towards them. Its neither a beach, nor an art museum. You can find these in many countries but the places i am about to tell you are not known to many. If you have already visited spain and not in the places below after reading the article you might want to apply for visa again and you would be lucky if you haven’t visited it. You might have to get ready for adventure then.  Here are some of the most off-the-beaten track destinations in spain:


  • The Rio Tinto Mines

Have you ever seen a bleeding river? A journey of unforgettable colours and contrasts is what one might love to call it. The rio tinto river flows from  Sierra Morena Mountains in Andalusia at the bank of these mines. The reason as to why this river is red in colour is the high acidic and Ph content of 2 which makes unsuitable for swimming. NASA scientists love to call this place as “Mars on Earth” or the “The Bleeding River”. The catch of this place is the 22-kilometre train journey which winds first through the mines and then through the lush vegetation that borders the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park.



  • Setenil de las Bodegas, Cádiz

Have you ever felt literally touching the feet of the mountain. This village is surely one of its kind. Visit this place if you are not claustrophobic then this is the best place to spend your day. With a population of only 3000 people this place surely attracts more tourists than any other common place. Take a walk in setenil village in cadiz province and enjoy the mawkish strokes of nature.



  • The Temple Of Debod

One of the most beautiful sunset destinations one can find in Madrid. located in one of the beautiful parks the temple of debod is every photographer’s dream place. This temple was originally constructed in Egypt near Nile valley but was later on gifted to the spanish government as a token of gratitude for saving historical sites that were flooded when Aswan high dam was built.



  • The Tabernas Desert

The name desert assures maximum temperature and humidity. The only desert in Europe houses the mini hollywood i.e. the era of wild west. Enjoy a day in this desert and you will surely feel as if you are playing wild west guns  alongside Sebastian shultz.



  • Ronda

This beautiful town located on top of a mountain which is divided by a 330ft gorge. This gorge separates the town from the city. If someone wishes to experience “living in nowhere” then this the best place to visit. The scenery itself leaves one flabbergasted. Now a new bridge called Puente Nuevo joins this moorish town to new city.



  • Cascada de Cimbarra

A little away from Aldeaquemada town, you will find this breath-taking waterfall falling from 130ft depth. The water courses it’s from the two large limestone rocks. This waterfalls comes under the 10 most beautiful waterfall in Europe.



  • El Torcal Natural Reserve

Also referred to as “The Dinosaur Country”, this beautiful natural reserve is located in Antequera, Malaga. One can find rocks and fossils from the dinosaur’s age. this is one of the best place to explore with your children and family. it contains many natural limestone mountains and caves which leaves one intrigued.



  • Josep Pujiula Labyrinth

One might call this place as nature’s retreat. the architect of this manmade wonder was Pujiula i Vila. This nature park contains many loops, bends, caves and cabin made of trees and branches. Located near Fluvia riveer, Catalonia, this place looks straight out of ‘The Jungle Book”.



  • Cuevas de Arta

A cave shows the past of a country. One can know about the culture that was followed earlier and the culture that is continued now just by looking at the caves. Located in Mallorca, Islas Baleares, this breath-taking beauty is indescribable. one must go and explore caves of prehistoric era.


Spain is a beautiful country. its just needs a little bit more exploring then what is given on internet. Interacting with the locals is the best way one can learn about the breath-taking destinations. if language seems to be a barrier stopping you from venturing further, by all means use google translator.

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