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    PoliTricks: 5 Tweaks That Should Be Included in Indian Political Discourse

      Ah! Indian Politics…The Sweet Mother of all debates in this country… People just love to ramble on about the endless controversies that come with the term itself. From “Nukkad ki chai” to the “rich ambience of intellectual interests”, politics in India has always been a sizzling topic for tittle-tattles. However, these gossips aren’t a complete prattle. […] More

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    Everything you want to know about Blue Whale. All the tasks and why you should play the Pink Whale!

    What is the deal with this new upcoming disastrous challenge? BLUE WHALE CHALLENGE has been a buzz for almost 4 months and is still all over INDIA. WHAT EXACTLY IS THIS BLUE WHALE CHALLENGE?     BLUE WHALE CHALLENGE is an INTERNET GAME which is so called “THE DEATH GAME”. This game initially was found in Russia […] More

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