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    One aspect of education system every student can relate to.

    I was texting in an anonymous chat app with an 18-year-old guy from Canada. The talk was general before it shifted to personal lives. Apparently, he is a business owner, running his small business, earning enough to support himself. And when it was my turn to answer, he pretty much guessed what I do. Engineering——> […] More

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    From OldSkool to Obsolete: 5 Reasons Why Our Education System Has Become Outdated…

    You might be thinking, “Whoa! Dude, tell me something I don’t know…” I got it; you have been contemplating this for a long time, and trust me you are not alone. Indian Education System has always been a hot topic for debates. From the closed classrooms to open public platforms, the “intellectuals” have dwelled on […] More

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