Which Sherlock character are you?

Hey there Sherlock fan! Are you curious which Sherlock Character you resemble? Answer the questions below and we will deduce it for you 🙂

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  • How fast do you talk?

    • I am a composed talker
    • I chirp and talk a bit fast
    • I get a lot of-“Erm? Sorry?? What?? Please repeat!”
    • My eyes do the talking
    • Eh… Who cares!
  • Which headgear you would prefer?

    • A Deerstalker
    • A Black Hat
    • A Derby
    • A Purple flowery hat
    • I’m too hot to wear a headgear
  • When angry you-

    • Squint my eyes and flare my nostrils
    • Clench my fist, but then Exhale deeply
    • Beat the hell out of a dead pig corpse
    • Laugh like a madman
    • Wear my heels higher
  • When bored you-

    • Shoot holes in the wall
    • Make twisted plans and schemes
    • Write blogs!
    • Make tea and have a snack
    • Stalk Sherlock
  • Which personality relates to you the most?

    • Calm, composed, honest and a bit unpredictable
    • Cheerfully bubbly
    • Sexxy hot/handsome with brains
    • A high functioning Sociopath
    • A bit of a Psychopath

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