Places that look straight out of a beautiful Alien Planets!

We often wonder whether the places that we see in those resplendent wallpapers are real or not. These places seem unreal and edited to some of us, but I assure you that these beauties are real. Yes they do exist, it’s just the matter of discovery. How many of you have crossed Nagoya city in japan? How many of you have actually visited the Nagoya jungle. No, this is not your typical jungle with big cats. It is much more. I am going to tell you about the some of the places stumbling upon which one might think that they have surely reached the paradise.

Nagoya City, Japan

No, this is not your typical harry potter forest. This is real. The word one might be looking for while describing this beauty is “the enchanted forest”. Thousands and thousands of fireflies give this forest an eerie glow. One might wonder how fireflies produce light. The thing is we are unknowingly breaching their privacy. Sex, is what they are doing at that time. It is also called bioluminescence. The beauty of this place leaves one bereft.


Bigar waterfalls, Romania

Izvorul Bigăr or Cascada Bigar is located in one of the most military protected areas in south-western part of Romania. These are one of the most beautiful waterfalls on Earth. The ethereal beauty of these waterfalls is what attracts tourists from all over the world.


Horizontal waterfall, Broome, Australia

A vacation trip to Australia might turn out to be the best damn vacation of your lifetime if you visit the small city/village of Broome. Beagle Bay, Cape Leveque or Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, One Arm Point, Buccaneer Archipelago and Horizontal Falls is what attracts people to this divine land. A unique experience which demonstrates the awesome power of the Kimberley tides. Cross it off your bucket list today.


Glow-worm cave, New Zealand

Yet another way in which nature shows its true beauty in form of different organisms. Arachnocampa luminosa or commonly referred to as the glowworm is what adorns the ceiling of these caves. Enjoy a boat ride through this paradise.


Skeleton coast, Namibia

The desert coast is what locals in Namibia, Atlantic Ocean call it. The purgatory in paradise is what tourists call it. The meeting of desert and ocean. The reason this place has a name of skeleton is because all the dead remains of animals, ships and submarine end up at this coast. Sounds spooky right? But this place is surely worth the visit.


Aurora village, Yellowknife, Canada

This is the biggest holiday destination in Canada. It is also known as the Northern Lights.  Aurora village sit directly under the northern rim of the aurora oval (a ring around our geomagnetic poles), they also statistically have the clearest nights in northern Canada… which means your chances of seeing the lights is very high. This place is what one might say as “straight outta wallpaper”.


Tulip fields, Netherland

The best place to see tulips is in Holland. The real version is much prettier that the wallpapers. Different colors, shapes and sizes of tulips grace the ground of Netherlands. These flower fields are economically important to the country. Tulips are traded across the world from Netherlands. Holland might just be the largest tulip producer.


Turquoise ice lake, Russia

Lake Baikal contains world’s 20% of fresh water. During winter a phenomena occurs, the lake freezes (the Siberian winter) and the water turns in to big blocks of ice giving it a turquoise hue. If you are brave enough and this place is in your bucket list then you can go for underwater freezing experience.


Red beach, Punjin, China

The red plant of Suaeda salsa is what surrounds the water on this beach. One of the best tourist destinations if you ever happen to visit China.


Silver forest, Aspen

Ever seen those wallpapers in your computer where the trees are white and the grass underneath is orange? Those trees were the silver birch trees which are quite famous in Colorado and the place was the silver forest. The haunting beauty of this place leaves one mesmerized.


Rolling hills, czech Republic

This is one place that only exists in your imagination. Long length of grass stretched across the small fold mountains making it look like a carpet. This is one of the reasons why these hills are called rolling hills.


Puerto Vallarta, Hidden beach, Mexico

Some call it a safe haven for romance, tucked beneath the island this place just questions your knowledge of geography. Playa Del Amor, more commonly known as the Hidden Beach, is a feature of one of the Marieta Islands, located west of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, at the mouth of Banderas Bay. Sandy cavern with blue pacific water rushing inside this mountain is what attracts tourists from all over.


Natural mirror, Bolivia

A place where you can actually get the feel of walking on the clouds. Salar de Uyuni (or Salar de Tunupa) is the world’s largest salt flat at 10,582 square kilometers (4,086 sq. mi). Walk over this salt flat and literally feel the world at your feet.

These are some of the best places, while there are also other such as plitvice lakes in Croatia, Kauai in Hawaii, the rice terrace field of longsheng in China, Victoria falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe and many more. The search for a true paradise is a never ending one. So quickly write these places in your bucket list.

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