One aspect of education system every student can relate to.

I was texting in an anonymous chat app with an 18-year-old guy from Canada. The talk was general before it shifted to personal lives. Apparently, he is a business owner, running his small business, earning enough to support himself.

And when it was my turn to answer, he pretty much guessed what I do. Engineering——> Mechanical. Guess how he knew? ” About 70-80 percentage of Indians he talked to were Engineers.

Now that put me into thinking, why do we actually take up Engineering? Is it because we are really interested in Engineering?

The answer might be ‘no’ in most cases In my case, it was a big ‘NO’.

Now, why do we follow engineering?

There are a bunch of reasons for this. Peer pressure, opportunity hoax, following the trend etc.

But, I believe, the most common and subtle reason behind this is lack of knowledge!

When I was 17 and had to choose the field that I am supposed to follow for the rest of my life, I honestly did not know. I did not know how engineering was, I did not know what engineering had, I did not know what the other choices were that a 17-year-old had to follow his career, I did not know what my passion, strength, and weaknesses were.

I believe many students out there agree at my point. We freaking do not know what we are doing or what we were supposed to do!

And the reason?

Its shared. Parents, ourselves, teachers, school, society, the aunts IIT graduate. We are not taught about careers in school. The significance is only for the two granddad streams, medical and engineering. What about that kid who was an excellent guitar player? What about that girl who was as melodious as a nightingale? What about that guy who could bicycle kick a football?

Dreams are crushed in the pretext of building a better future. As Madhavan says in 3 idiots movie, what is the use if one is not happy?

And why is it that most are confused with their passions? Because we were not allowed to follow them. Passions sprout the best in childhood. If the blossom is stripped, how can a flower bloom?  The bundles of IIT-JEE books starting from 8th standard did not let out creativity to bloom, for our passion to sprout.


I believe students should be free to follow their own passion. Everyone is different. Nurturing the talents should be the main interest of schools rather than inducing something.

When a flower blooms, the entire environment brightens!

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