NationalYst: Some Mumbles That Need to be Roared Throughout the Nation…

Nothing changes if nothing changes…”

We have heard this quote a zillion times before. No matter for how long we gossip about it, no matter how sorely we yearn for it, but the CHANGE comes only when we plan for it and work for it. Modern India had to face a lot of issues post its independence. Many of those problems are still relevant, whether it be over-population, malnutrition, unemployment, child-labor, etc. which collectively lower the life-indices of our country; or the criminal plights, such as corruption, terrorism, etc. which are responsible for the insecurity and trepidation in the common citizen.

It’s not like we have never talked about these problems before, in fact our daily gossips more-or-less revolve around these topics. We have displayed our resentments through various demurring showcases, like debates, marches, protests, etc. But, it’s rare when we pursue any of these miseries till their authentic solutions are found. Usually, the discussion becomes vivacious when some events (mostly undesired ones) cause a stir in the society, but as the time passes the thunder grounds a sudden death without resolving the matter, whether it be the case of India Against Corruption movement at Jantar-Mantar or something as enduring as the Kashmir Issue.

Here, I’ve enlisted three of such affairs, which have been the center of prim-times on television news one time or another. It’s time we dwell on these issues rather as one nation and find their solutions once and for all…

Reservation System:-

Wikipedia describes the aim of reservation system in India as, “It is intended to favor historically disadvantaged castes and tribes…The reservation is undertaken to address the historic oppression, inequality and discrimination faced by members of those communities.”  

Although, it was a nice idea for a short span to provide some special rights to such communities in order to survive in post-independence era, but now that they’ve been benefited with special treatments for over 60 years, they had more than enough time and resources to not only recover from their poor conditions, but to establish themselves as an integral member of Indian Society. 

Now, why our governments still want to live in the history? Why the people who really need help are left helpless just because they weren’t born in some special caste? Why can’t we change the caste-based reservation system to a scheme which aids those who really need it? What could be the possible replacement of current reservation system in our country?

There are many more questions, and together we need to seek answers for all of them, instead of creating sdramatic and (maybe!) unnecessary social/political scenes like the Patidar Aandolan in Gujrat, or the Aandolan for Jat Aarakshan in Haryana.

Kashmir Conflict:-

Kashmir has been the center for all the hatred and envy that India and Pakistan have for each other since the partition. From Nehru’s to Modi’s, Indian Governments have had to face this burning issue, and somewhere they all failed. Today, the common natives of Kashmir find it difficult to trust in National Armies and even the entire Indian Constitutional Processes. 

Political Appeasement has poisoned the roots of positive conviction in the people of Kashmir. Whether it be the video of villagers throwing stones at Indian Army, or the event of burning Indian Flags in open, it displays the resentment of Kashmir and its people, who have been victimized by both sides. 

We need to regain the trust of Kashmir, instead of posting abuses for Pakistan on social media or debating why India has a claim on that beautiful-historical state. We need to set examples for Kashmir so that it could see for itself why it is better to embrace Indian Republic.  Neither India nor Pakistan has (or at least they should not have) the right to make any decision on Kashmir Conflict without Kashmir’s approval.  After all we want the people of Kashmir to be a part of Indian Democracy not just the bare lands. 

Developing National Character:-

Why is it that people don’t even think before breaking the traffic rules in our country? Why don’t their hands tremble while mixing urea in milk even though they know that it is to be consumed by some little child? Why people are so cold towards other fellow citizens? Why doesn’t our conscience prevent us from being involved in immoral activities? 

Well, the answers are somewhat obvious. The continuous and prolonged external and internal attacks on our country since the earlier stage of history have made a greater impact in our hearts. The feeling of economic and social insecurity, which is an outcome of those skirmish battles, is one of the many reasons behind almost every crime in the country. 

Cultural, social, economic, religious, and Geometrical diversity has made it difficult for us to unite as a nation, that’s the reason why we fight more on trivial issues- why a person from north/east is not welcomed in southern/western states of our country- why religious differences convert into violent brawls- why we prefer to destroy public properties in the name of protests rather than trying to resolve the issue by logical manners.

As George Washington used to say, “We are either united people, or we are not. If the former, let us, in all matters of general concern act as a nation…If we are not [united], let us no longer act a farce by pretending to it.”

We all debate on these issues and more almost every day whether during dinners at home or lunch-breaks at our colleges/offices. Even our Governments have been addressing them on public platforms since ages. But, it’s not enough to whisper about these matters of National Interest. We need to contemplate them together as one nation, because at some level we know that they affect us all. 

We all need to participate in the endeavor of finding solutions to these problems, and it must be done soon if we don’t want to lose our ground at becoming a developed nation.

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