Expectations from a 25+ Indian!


Being happy isn’t the benchmark of good life anymore.

Having the capability to venture into new ideas and making one’s own path doesn’t count much in the Indian society with predefined “ideal career choices”.

Each one has their own definition of “success” these days, which is fine by all means. But is it right to measure the success of others by your own definition?



Oh you turned 26? When are you marrying.

Oh you are in IT industry? How many  onsite visits have you made.

Oh you have been working since four years? Where is your bike/car.

Oh you are thinking of marrying? Do you own a house.

Which company do you work in? Haven’t heard that company. Why don’t you try for Infosys or Accenture.



Yes, it is grammatically incorrect to put fullstop after sentences starting with wh-clause , instead of a question mark.

Why did I put it then?

Because that is what it actually is 😃.

These are not actual questions. You would be thoroughly judged to answer these in negative.

The person who is “asking” us these question is just trying to make a point that we do not fit into his/her definition of “ideal life”.

But do we, the army of 25 and above, really care?


Well, this is just as difficult to answer.

We try our best. We work for what we believe in and make ourselves successful at our own norms. We fight for our own decisions and stand tall.  Yes, we don’t care for the judgements of society.

But only to a certain extent.

There is one limitation to almost every “rebellion” thrown by a 25 plus out there and it doesn’t matter if one is financially independent or not.  That is his/her family.

If our family sees eye to eye with us, if they understand us and we understand them, then we are the luckiest and everything is right with the world. Nobody cares a bit about what the society says.

But if otherwise, then with the course of time most of us tend to get our “rebel self”(aka our heart) in check to have harmonious and happy relations with our family.

Is this right or wrong? The answer very much depends on whether this makes one happier in long run.

Either we try our best to reason and convince them, or we learn to deal with it peacefully.

The only way to gradually make things right in the Indian society is by taking a lesson and making a point to not push it to our future generation.

The future depends on your decisions. 🙂 Start taking the right ones starting today.

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In the face of such hopelessness!

The secret ingredient is always “CHEESE”!