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Expectations from a 25+ Indian!


Being happy isn't the benchmark of good life anymore.

Having the capability to venture into new ideas and making one's own path doesn't count much in the Indian society with predefined "ideal career choices".

Each one has their own definition of "success" these days, which is fine by all means. But is it right to measure the success of others by your own definition?



Oh you turned 26? When are you marrying.

Oh you are in IT industry? How many  onsite visits have you made.

Oh you have been working since four years? Where is your bike/car.

Oh you are thinking of marrying? Do you own a house.

Which company do you work in? Haven't heard that company. Why don't you try for Infosys or Accenture.



Yes, it is grammatically incorrect to put fullstop after sentences starting with wh-clause , instead of a question mark.

Why did I put it then?

Because that is what it actually is 😃.

These are not actual questions. You would be thoroughly judged to answer these in negative.

The person who is "asking" us these question is just trying to make a point that we do not fit into his/her definition of "ideal life".

But do we, the army of 25 and above, really care?


Well, this is just as difficult to answer.

We try our best. We work for what we believe in and make ourselves successful at our own norms. We fight for our own decisions and stand tall.  Yes, we don't care for the judgements of society.

But only to a certain extent.

There is one limitation to almost every "rebellion" thrown by a 25 plus out there and it doesn't matter if one is financially independent or not.  That is his/her family.

If our family sees eye to eye with us, if they understand us and we understand them, then we are the luckiest and everything is right with the world. Nobody cares a bit about what the society says.

But if otherwise, then with the course of time most of us tend to get our "rebel self"(aka our heart) in check to have harmonious and happy relations with our family.

Is this right or wrong? The answer very much depends on whether this makes one happier in long run.

Either we try our best to reason and convince them, or we learn to deal with it peacefully.

The only way to gradually make things right in the Indian society is by taking a lesson and making a point to not push it to our future generation.

The future depends on your decisions. 🙂 Start taking the right ones starting today.

5 Efficient Tinder Tips ! Because deep down you know you want them 😀


Alright! Throughout the course of time I have been asked tinder tip questions from my guy friends.

They either ask it directly, or make me answer a set of questions which when consolidated gives them an idea about how women think.

Do you ever wonder what is it that a woman sees in your profile before deciding to swipe left or right? Do you ever wonder why some of your friends have a lot more "matching rate" than you??

If your answer is No (which I highly  doubt it will be 😋, no offence!) then kindly skip this and jump to next article.

If it's yes, then what a better way to find it out right here from a girl who's ready to share!

1. You wana look right? Keep your shades aside!

There are a lot of profiles I swipe left just for the reason that I can't see their eyes!  No matter how many handsome pictures you put up with your Aviators, a girl needs to see it in your eyes before she swipes right.

2. ‎Yes we read your Bio!

Bio descriptions are pre-indicators of how the conversation will go ahead if we match.

Put up a fun , simple, creative or even intriguing descriptions to make sure a girl will swipe right!

No description is a turn off.

If you don't want to write much about you, simply point out what your likings and interests are. That always works 🙂

3. Everyone enjoys a mix up

When selecting pictures , always mix it up! Every picture should show a different aspect of you.

Never put two pictures from the same location or same pose.

Put up some genuine pictures from the trip you had, mix it up with a normal picture of you and then again with that picture when you are chilling out with friends , maybe one with someone's pet that you love to play with.

It's not always about asthetics.Give these girls a reason to swipe you right and ask you questions about the pictures.

4. Ditch that "Looking for Friends" line

Do you really think girls will buy that? Everybody knows why you are here. Tinder is a Dating App. If you are genuinely looking for friendship , try Facebook or Instagram.

Yea I know SRK has once said-"Pyar dosti Hai" .

But come on! You can come up with something more interesting than just "looking for friends".

I understand it's a hard game out there but really! Don't friendzone yourself already 😉

5. Connect your Instagram! Make your distance and age visible

If you have an Instagram profile , don't be reluctant to connect it on Tinder! We like to see what we are about to go through when we swipe right and get a match😀

Who knows what picture will make that girl want to know more about you .It's a big sea out there full of fishes, maybe this is your chance to stand out!

There! That's enough for a good start. Make these simple changes and You are all set!

Bonus: when you get a match, always try to start with something fun rather than just a 'hi' . 😀 Break the ice . Try some new opening lines. Either she will be impressed or she will have a good laugh. 😊 You win both ways.

Enjoy tindering!

When the Mountains call you….Hampta Pass Trek with Indiahikes!

So I am a girl living in a big city , working through the day (or rather, evenings and nights 😅)  in the IT industry, seldom having a one to one with mother nature.You all know what it does to you.

I am no lesser victim of this regular city life.

So one fine day, after so many "No"s and "Will See" from my lazy doubtful brain, the heart finally won with it's loud "YES" ! And I took no time to book the tickets to Manali.

The plan was to meet a certain group of trekkers from all over India to go on a 6 day Lower Himalayan Trek starting from Prini till Chattru via Hampta Pass.

After months of sedentary and well equipped city life , when you plan a High Altitude Trek through the mountains and passes , there are certain things you must prepare yourself for.

1. Fitness

This is the first and foremost requirement when you are going to trek for days in the mountains on a high altitude.

Hey, nobody wants to suffer from fatigue, joint pain and backaches at the end of the day.Plan your trek at least two months ahead.

Set up a strict fitness regimen starting from day Your fitness plan should contain 70% Cardio and 30% of Strength Training (it may vary from person to person).

With time you may increase the intensity of your workouts. Cardio is required to built stamina of the lungs as it is going to be difficult breathing in the thin air on high altitudes.

Running up and down the floors using stairways of your building will do the trick.

For Strength Training try to include more exercise which focus on leg muscles and joints such as Squats and Lunges. This will help you maintain a constant pace when you are going up the mountains , carrying your 6-8 kg rucksack.

Remember, it's never about completing the trek. It's about enjoying every single bit of it!

2. Untamed Weather

You never know when Zeus experiences boredom and decides to shower you with rains or even hailstorms when you are in the middle of your trek. One moment it will be clear sky, the next it will be raining all dogs and dogs (came across Zero cats there 😋).

So it is advised to keep your rucksack always covered in rain cover and your rain coat handy.Avoid those well promoted "ponchos". They are very unmanageable specially in strong winds and while decending a mountain.

Best is to keep a three in one jacket which works as Windcheater , Raincoat as well as Warmer (you can find one in Decathlon). You can wear trek pants made of water resistant material.

Also go for waterproof trekking shoes , though they are expensive.

Believe me, you don't want your toes and foot be all numb when you are in that precarious position on a mountain side. You don't want any infections to develop either.

Keep your cap on your head. It may seem pleasant but the sun shines real bright. For winter treks you may need goggles/shades to save your eyes from snow glare.

3. Eco Friendly Mindset

This is the mindset that our mother nature expects from all of us, irrespective of the place we are.

In cities, there are systems set up to manage the biodegradable and non-biodegradable, toxic and non-toxic garbage. You don't think about it when throwing something in the dumpster.

But in the mountains (or anywhere in nature) , there is no system to manage artificial/man-made garbage. Even a small wrapper of toffee harms the eco system.You can do below things to show your appreciation and love to mother nature.

A. Keep handy a separate small bag to put any kind of mettalic, plastic, unnatural thing you pick up while on your trek. Dispose it off when you reach the city.

Below is the picture of plastic bottle filled with all compressed plastic wrappers found on the way while trekking. This also can be used as an "upcycled brick" for small constructions.

B. Avoid using wet wipes. They are non-biodegradable. Yes I know it's tedious to get your business done in a dry toilet. But please use soft toilet paper to seal the deal.

Women please use a separate ziplock bag to collect your used sanitary pads wrapped in a paper and dispose them off in the city after the trek.

C. Avoid having any chocolates ,toffees, energy bars or packaged processed foods.

The best alternative is to have dry fruits, peanuts , dates, almonds, glucose water which provide more energy and do not pollute the environment.

D. Last but not the least (and this is an unsaid rule in the mountains) - Please don't do your business anywhere near the water streams . People drink that water and even you will fill your bottle from that.

Go Clean, Go Green! 😊

4. Medical Emergencies

Prepare your medical kit with all the medicines that you currently intake as well as meds which are for nausea, diarrhea, dysentery, allergies, AMS etc. Keep ORS packets.Keep a crepe bandage as sprains are common while trekking.

Always keep your medical kit handy, and never neglect any smallest of the symptoms such as headache, not feeling hungry, nausea etc. AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) or Altitude Sickness is fatal.Read more about it here -

5. Explore and have fun!

Like someone has said - It's not about the destination , it's about the journey!

You have used your vacations, done bookings , prepared for this , putting yourself to challenges of the trek. So every single nano-second is worth having fun!

Maybe you will feel tired, maybe you will get a momentary low, maybe sometimes you will feel why you even came here. But before opening your mouth to crib, take a deep breath and look around! You are in the best possible place you can be! 😊


Have the spirit to explore more! Wake up a little earlier and roam around your campsite, take pictures ,listen to the song of streams, bees and birds. Breathe in.

Take the paths less taken and be alive every single moment. Because once you are back to your place, you are going to miss those moments like anything.

10 things to do on a weekend trip to Udaipur

If you are living in Mumbai/Pune, you must plan to take a visit to the city of lakes - Udaipur! It won't take much, you just need a long weekend 🙂

If you are living in Mumbai/Pune and looking for ideas for next long weekend trip. I have a suggestion - the city of lakes - Udaipur! (Please don't end up going Goa again!)

Here's what I covered in a span of 2 and a half day!


1. Khamma Ghani

We reached Udaipur at 3.30pm, freshened up at a friend's home. (you can book a stay for 900/- per night through MMT/OYO). We immediately headed to have chai and snacks at Khamma Ghani Restaurant . You will get good tandoor here. What better place to chill after a bus ride than a nice lakeside restaurant. You will find plenty of Lakeside Restaurants here.

Lakeside Restaurant

2. Ambrai Ghat

Then we went to spend the evening in Old City area at Ambrai Ghat besides the great Pichola Lake. I don't have words to describe the place. Just have a look!

3. Dinner at Upre

Time for dinner! You must must must (yes 3 times!) have dinner at Upre, lakeside rooftop restaurant at The Lake Palace Hotel. Its beside Ambrai Ghat and has a beautiful view of the Pichola with an awesome ambience. You can enjoy a meal with the view of beautiful lit up City Palace and the Lake Palace. Enjoy your evening!


4) Dal Bati Churma Thali at Natraj Hotel

You must have this delicious scrumptious dal bati churma thali at Natraj Hotel near Bapu Bazar. I bet you will forget everything and will be happy licking dal bati off your fingers 😉

5. City Palace Tour

The next day we headed out for a tour of City Palace. There is the City Palace Museum. More than the history you will enjoy the intricate architecture and designs of the Palace.


6. Jagmandir Island Palace

Jagmandir Island Palace is a beautiful palace situated in the middle of Lake Pichola. It's an another "must must visit" place. You get the tickets (cost 300 before sunset time) for the ferries which take you to this awesome palace with a wine bar in the middle of the lake. The ferry ride is an experience in itself as you sail past the City Palace and Lake Palace to reach Jagmandir. Quick tip to take a time lapse video of the boat ride.


7. Fatehsagar Lake , Rani Road

Here you can chill with friends beside the enchanting Fatehsagar Lake. There is a "Pal" which is a street banned for vehicles where you can sit beside the lake and have some popcorns 🙂
For Snacks and drinks you can visit Hotel Panna Vilas at Rani road, again a rooftop with awesome view. You can spot the Sajjangarh fort from there and have a look at the solitary Solar Observatory situated in between Fatehsagar lake.


8. The Monsoon Palace

Next morning we visited SajjanGarh Fort (also known as The Monsoon Palace) which is high up above the Aravali. We booked our own cab to Sajjangarh Fort (you can also book a seat in their own bus when you reach Sajjangarh for 90/-). As it's name's a must visit place during the monsoons. Though we had the sun high up above that day yet it had a beautiful view from up there. Have a look at the pictures.

9. HathiPole Market

For all the shopping lovers out there this is the place for you to buy those traditional Rajasthani bandhej and leheriya sarees and duppattas. For the photographers -You will find many pieces of artwork and can capture the colourful indian market in your camera. Have a look .
U. Market pics.

10. Saheliyon ki Badi (Queens Garden)

On the way back from Sajjangarh , you will be able to visit this beautiful garden in the middle of the city. It's situated beside Pichola Lake. The main attraction of this garden is that it is full of fountains which work mechanically since 18th century.


If you plan and book well you will also be able to visit the most beautiful Kumbhalgarh Fort. It will take whole of your day to explore the Fort. After the Great wall of China, Kumbhalgarh has the largest stretch of Wall in the whole world.
It's a pity we were not able to visit this fort but you should plan for this one as it is a Must!


Ghostly Ponderings on those Sleepless Nights..


So we all have that crazy friend among us, on whom we can always rely for adding up the spice in our otherwise bland lives.

Well, one such friend suggested [or rather persuaded ] us go to the theatre at dead of the night to watch the scariest movie of this year, the day it released.

Yes , I am talking about Anabelle Creation.


Even thinking about that name brings the chills down my spine [ well yes! I am 26. So what!! Judge all you wish but I am a human & I admit I get scared 😓 ]

Yet here I was, sitting in the dark movie hall, contemplating the next two hours of terror.

There is this thing about the "fear of unseen" which I never understood.

This fear wants us to keep away from a potentially harmful unseen being , and yet, at the same time, wants us to go into that dark spooky corridor, step up the creaky stairs to open that stupid old cupboard.

This is the same fear, that made us come to this dark movie hall at 11.45pm. The same fear that almost makes me want to shit in my pants during those crazy horror scenes.

I mean like "What the hell brain!!? Why do you hate me so much to create this crazy imaginary fear and then create this crazier imagination to justify that fear."


There is one thing that's clear. Our brains will crave for anything that breaks the monotony of life. Be it bungee jumping, going for a challenging trek, diving off from a high cliff, or simply watching a horror filled movie.

Even if that means you can't sleep for countless nights afterwards [ yea! That's me again folks 😢]

I know I will be sleeping with my lights on for a week afterwards. I know I won't dare to go and pee after 12 am . I know my ears will get super powers to hear all those "spooky" noises whole night. Yet I book tickets and watch the damn movie!

I will never fully understand it, and neither will you. But that's the power of "fear of the unseen".