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A band uses Facebook Live Video Delay to sync different instruments!

A band called The Academic came up with a innovate first-of-its-kind Facebook Live performance where they used Facebook Live Video delay to create a looping music. How did they manage to do this in one live take blows my mind.


How It Worked?

Facebook Live Video has a delay before reaching out to it's audience. The band played their live video streaming in the background which was at a delay of few seconds. Each member played their looping part and it would sync with the Facebook Live Video in the background. As each instrument synced, the final output was a complete song.

This is how you can get your Ola Money back for a Bad Share Match.

Did it took forever to reach your office thanks to amazing Ola Share Algorithm? Did you just spend hours picking up and dropping people all over the city? We can't get your time back but this neat tip can help you get some money back.

Here is how it works,

Once your Ola share ride ends, click on "Your Rides" in menu and choose the ride which you think took much more time than it should have.

Click on Support 


Choose Too far co-passenger pickup/drop.



There are several options which follow, choose the one which seems relevant in your case



and Voila!




So after end of a terrible ride you would at least get something back!

Ola's Share Algorithm is not customer friendly, as per my understanding speaking to Ola Share representative, the main criteria for pickup match is just that it should be within 5km. It doesn't matter to the algorithm if it's in opposite directions or forces you to go through a heavy traffic area. I hope Ola works on improving its algorithm.

400GB! SanDisk launches highest capacity Ultra Micro SD card!

Running out of space on your device? Wished you had bought 64 GB instead of 32 GB device? Well SanDisk is taking memory storage to different level. SanDisk has rolled out the world's largest capacity microSD card at IFA. 

With 400 GB it can store can store 40 hours of Full HD video content, and transfers files at up to 100MB/s.

This could be prove a game changer for Android Devices. As people are moving away from desktops/laptops to mobile and the insane amount and content that we are generation on our devices in form of photos and videos, storage is the need of the hour. We could see more Android Devices support MicroSD cards. 

Though it won't come cheap. This new 400GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I is expected to cost $249.99!

Shocking Video: Newborn Dies as Doctors Fight Inside Operation Theatre in Jodhpur

In a shocking video two doctors from Umaid Hospital in Jodhpur got into a verbal argument while operating on a pregnant woman. Shot by the nursing staff, the video shows a clear clash of egos between two doctors shouting at each other warning to keep their language at check.

The cause of newborn death was severe birth asphyxia, but it's yet to be known whether it could have been avoided had it not been for this spat.