Is your home Diwali ready yet?

With Diwali just a few weeks away , it’s time for the biggest celebrations in the festive season. Parties will be on in full swing. Don’t worry, we are here to fix your problem and give you a helping hand by suggesting you some brilliant ideas which will make your house ready for Diwali!

1. Make your entrance more welcoming than ever.

A delightful way to do this is to place an urli  filled with water at your entrance and float some fresh flowers and diyas in it. If you are using white flowers drop some kumkum and haldi in it to add a dash of contrasting colour. Place traditional lamps (brass or terracotta look lovely) to be lit up during the evenings to create the most welcoming entrance for good energy to glide in.

2. Polish and Shine.

Create imaginative tablescapes on your coffee-tables and sideboards. It’s a great time to make all the glassware shine and sparkle with a nice bit of cleaning and polishing. You can glam up glassware with beaded necklaces and baubles that you stopped using. Place them around and let the light shine through and reflect the glitter.

3. Brighten up your walls.

Painting the house makes it clean and fresh. There are a lot of inexpensive painting options available in the market, which are of good quality. “Home owners can also opt for wall coverings such as wallpapers, to add colour to one’s house.

4. Decorate your house with flowers.

Fresh flowers uplift one’s mood and add a feeling of positivity to the home. Mogras, roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, orchids and other exotic flowers, can be used to give an eye-catching makeover to the home.

5. Mouth watering sweets along with delicious home-made delicacies.

The best part about Diwali is the grand party hosted at home where most people invite their extended family, friends and close relatives for the big feast. This feast consists of an elaborate spread of home coo ked delicacies such as Karanji, Puran Poli, Ladoo, Shankar PalaKheer, Kajoo Barfi, Suji Halwa. Sweeten the occasion with these rich Indian sweets.

Lastly, instead of bursting crackers, buy some food or clothes from that money and spread happiness by distributing them to the lesser privileged people around you. 🙂

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