iPhone X is not so expensive.

iPhone X announced on Tuesday is worth your money.This is Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone, which is pronounced ‘iPhone 10’ and it’s making big changes for 2017.

Apple breathes new life into its 10th anniversary iPhone

Why it’s X? Well, it’s a revolutionary phone launched on Apple’s Xth anniversary.The iPhone X takes Apple’s 10-year-old smartphone design in a bold new direction. It leaves behind the familiar physical home button and tried-and-trusted fingerprint sensor.

It’s innovative redesigned unique look makes it so attractive and different that it will definately gonna give its users a new experience of iPhone.

For those living in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait or Qatar, Pre-Orders will begin on Friday, October 27 and shipping will start on Friday, November 3.Supply will be limited and another negative point is, you will have to wait longer for it to come out.

Some features of iPhone X are-

1. An all new 5.8 inch super retina screen.

2. An Innovative technology.

3. OLED Screen gives accurate, stunning colors, true black, and high brightness.

4. All-New Design.

5. A dual Camera of 12-megapixel setup, f/1.8, and f/2.4 apertures.

Well, these bright features make it costly than others but for those who crave for these amazing, stunning and surprising features and look, obviously, it’s not so expensive for them because it’s totally worth it.

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