Always wanted to experience Travelling Solo? Here’s your Guide To Solo Travelling!

Are you fed up of people surrounding you? While proceeding through a business meeting do you ever wish to be somewhere else alone and happy? Are tired of being someone who wants to go to scuba diving but at the same time you have to leave your companion on the beach? Solo travelling comes into picture here. Tired of the way world treats you? Just pack up your bags and leave. Find the world that actually accepts you for who you are. Complete that bucket list of yours, achieve your long term goals, go and do those adventure sports which you have always wanted to do. Wanted to ride that gaint roller coaster last summer but stopped because your girlfriend was acting like a wimp? Then go solo. Solo travelling is not a lonely travel. I am going to tell you about some tips and tricks in which you can make your solo travel a fruitful one.

1) Map

Don’t land in the middle of nowhere. This is something that you ought to understand that you are not Bear Grylls and this is not Man vs. Wild. There will be no helicopter dumping you in the middle of amazon forest and you are surely forced to eat some weirdly looking insects. Just because it is solo travelling doesn’t mean that planning isn’t required. You ought to plan your travel. If you want to go to Europe that’s fine. Take one step at a time, don’t misuse your freedom. Select a city or a country, take the guide book or the map of the country so that it is easily navigable and you won’t have a problem in talking to the strangers because you will be avoiding them. Your safety comes first, avoid asking creepy strangers about an address because if you do so chances are that you might not be returning home anytime soon.

2) Luggage

Now, this is the most crucial part especially when you are a girl. You wouldn’t want standing at the top of Bunker’s Carmel in Barcelona all the while holding 2 suitcases and 1 carry bag. Come on, this is not a world tour, you don’t own a private jet and no one’s a CEO here. Packing light is the main key. Purchase those single big travel bag that you can easily carry around. They have so many small zippers that will help you in keeping small stuff. At some point of time you might even wonder if the clothes will be sufficient enough. But the thing is solo travelling means stepping out of your comfort zone and watching the world unfold.

3) Stay?

One might wonder where to stay during travelling. There is this website called which helps travelers in locating some hotels or houses owned by locals which can provide you a room or two. The best way to spend your stay is living with the locals. You can actually learn the country’s culture by living with them. What more you might make some new friends. The only problem one might face is the language barrier. But everyone now-a-days uses Google translate right? Then there won’t be any problem.


4) Pictures

Click pictures. Don’t forget to stay happy. This solo trip might happen again but relish the moment that you have today instead of comparing it with your previous experiences. Every city is different in its own way. One cannot compare two cities based on the people living there. The culture and tradition of South Africa and France are totally different. Pictures create memories that are hidden within your heart.

5) Documents and money

Carry essential documents such as passport and license along with you. Keep money in 2-3 different places so that if something gets stolen you wouldn’t run out of money.

7) Safety

This is one of the main reasons why people avoid going solo. Agreed, that you might face some problems in other countries. But that’s what makes one stronger, the urge to learn new language, diversity and culture is what drives people to this madness. Never keep anything in your backpocket. You wouldn’t want to attract pick-pocketers.   Stay in the crowd, this will make you feel less vulnerable. The biggest trick of being a successful solo traveler is the art of blending. Blend in the crowd so might not mistake you for a tourist.

8) Obvious

Don’t be obvious. Wearing those “I love NY” t shirts will make you stand out of the crowd. You are not there to impress someone. You are there to explore and that’s what you should do. Acting like a local will automatically help you on so many levels. From cheap taxi fare to affordable amount of other things.

Once in your lifetime, you should go for a solo trip. Fulfill your dreams and aspirations, let travelling be your blood, food and passion. Make new friends, carry out exhilarating experiences as such you only get to live one.

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