Google Tez unable to handle higher than expected Traffic

Google launched it’s UPI-enabled Digital Payment app this week in India. Tez came with high expectations as would any app from Google. Since it was a late entrant since several UPI enabled app like PhonePe and BHIM, the bar was already set quite high and Google Tez had to face the heat because of it. The app currently has poor reviews and a rating of 3.7 with over 2000+ 1 ratings.

Higher than expected Traffic

Several users pointed out issues with the app and based on comments from the app support team it seems the app faced higher than expected traffic after launch. It’s quite weird for someone like Google which has infrastructure to handle billions of requests to face issues with traffic. This seems to be predominantly related to OTP request.

No support for Rooted Devices

In order to keep user account data secure. Google has opted out to not support rooted devices. So in case if you have your device rooted, you won’t be able to use Google Tez.



Privacy Concerns

Google Tez works similar to whatsapp in terms of showing user contacts. Several users has concerns regarding privacy – ability to hide yourself. But the option is in fact available in privacy section of settings.


Issues with getting referral money.

Google promises user ₹51 when someone comes from your referral and makes a payment. At max a user can earn ₹9000 in a year. Several users pointed that they were not getting ₹51 credited even after successful transaction from their referrals.


Money wasted on OTP

This was by far the most common issue faced by users. UPI needs you to attempt integration with same number which is linked to your bank account. Many failed to connect their app to bank account and also lost money in mobile verification attempts.


Seems like it’s been a slow start for Google Tez so far!

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