From OldSkool to Obsolete: 5 Reasons Why Our Education System Has Become Outdated…

You might be thinking, “Whoa! Dude, tell me something I don’t know…”

I got it; you have been contemplating this for a long time, and trust me you are not alone. Indian Education System has always been a hot topic for debates. From the closed classrooms to open public platforms, the “intellectuals” have dwelled on the insanity of curriculums and structure of the Education System.

But, what if I say that we don’t need to re-form our Education System? Would you agree? Maybe you won’t! Maybe you will say that I am wrong…Maybe you will ask why I wrote this article if nothing’s to be changed..?

Well, my point is exactly opposite. As far as the Indian Education System is concerned, in my opinion EVERYTHING has to be changed. We don’t need to “re-form” our Education System, because we need to “introduce a whole new System for Education”.

Like almost every other student in this country, I too am not fond of the notion of education in India. However, I don’t hate it. In fact, the more I think about it the more I feel pity for it. India’s literacy rate is more than 70% (appreciable given a humongous population of the country!), but the level of education still suffers a great deal. We are teaching people “how to read or write”, but they are not being educated enough to infer “what to read” or “how to think”.

Realizing the gravity of the topic, I decided to read a little bit more about it. And after doing some research, I finally deduced 5 basic reasons, why our Education System has been failing in almost every aspect of evaluation.

1)  Problems have been changed so should be the solutions

Over the years, the Sapiens have made a remarkable progress. Now, we don’t use those giant hulking machines in the name of “computers” or we don’t have to worry about “memorizing” all the data in the fear of losing information. But, it doesn’t mean that we have solved all our problems, in fact the more the technology advances the more complex problems are generated in order to maintain and modify that technology.While, on the one hand, our scientists are creating powerful space vehicles, on the other hand our Education System doesn’t seem to recover from its colonial roots. Still, the prime focus of education in India is to make an assembly line production of clerks and servants.

Maybe it’s time to re-define the very purpose of our education system. Maybe it’s time that we brainstorm all the current problems as well as futuristic issues like Global Warming and Climate Change, Overpopulation, Poverty, Malnutrition, Decolonization, etc. and focus our Education System on finding the solutions for these problems.

2) There’s more out there to explore

New horizons of excellence are being discovered every day. Instead of relying on traditional jobs, people are more interested in creating some fresh ones. Let it be a “Dance Therapist” on YouTube or a “Blogger” on several online platforms, people find it more logical to convert their passions into profession.Unconventional methods are being developed in order to support our new and better life-style, which produce an enormous opportunities for job creation.Our Education system needs to incorporate these changes. As they say, “Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know”. Students should be encouraged to think out-of-the-box, which will enable them to strive for tackling the dearth in demand of traditional fields, like Engineering, Medical and Economics.

3) A threatening gap between little worldlets

A huge gap has been developed among various elements of the society. Communication has always been an issue in Indian culture, given its extensive diversity. But, over the past decade, people seem to become more intolerant than ever.Besides, various Educational institutions have grown distant from each other. It’s like someone has created a number of disjoint worldlets inside a single nation. There’s no effective communication between two scholars pursuing the same course from different universities, which slows down the entire developmental process.

Indian Education System must consider connecting all its segments together by establishing reliable and secure mediums of communication among students and professors throughout the nation.

4) The TALK rule: Think-Apply-Learn-Know

The whole approach to the education of a child in our country starts with teaching them “how to cram those alphabets in order” or “how to patter those multiplication tables in a flow”. This doesn’t change as we move on to the higher grades. Remember how your Chemistry teacher told you to memorize “Lilly’s NAna Kills RuBbish CreatureS Franticly” instead of explaining why you need to memorize it in the first place?

We are not living in the 16th Century, where people had to memorize everything because it was the only option to keep the information secure (Papers weren’t reliable when it comes to security as they could easily be tarnished). Now we have powerful machines which can promise a secure storage of information in a long-run. It’s time, when we should be focusing on how to use the information rather than memorizing it.

The essence of education lies in developing the ability to think, as Margaret Mead puts it: “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”.It will make more sense if our Education System takes a break from classroom theories and encourages us to do more experimental learning through applied knowledge.

5) Education is NOT just a sheet of paper

Examination-patterns are not the real issues, as much the whole idea of evaluating a person’s capabilities on the basis of a single sheet of paper. The entire future of a person shouldn’t be decided on how he/she performed in 3 hours of a particular day. We spend 4-8 months preparing to do well in those 3-hour exam-sessions. Naturally, we are taught to focus on exams and the sole purpose of education dies every time we try to memorize the definition of a machine instead of wondering about and exploring its actual functionality.

Furthermore, I can’t see any logic behind prohibiting a student from learning “Computer Science” in a prestigious institute (say IITs), just because he/she scored less in Physics or Chemistry in the entrance exam (How the hell are those related to each other?).

I am 20 now and I’ve been a part of this Education System since last 17 years. I’ve seen plenty of students suffocating in this dismal structure of schooling; I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the overwhelming methodologies of our Education system. Surprisingly, those complaints barely changed over past decade. The fact that people are distressed about the same frailties of our Education System today, as were they 10 years ago, is rather depressing.

Although, some patches are provided time-to-time in order to make our Education system better, but they aren’t enough. The skeleton itself has been severed with inadequacy and incompetence. NOW, more than ever, is the time to ruminate on the betterment of our Education System if we don’t want to be left behind in the ever-growing quest for development.

After all, “Education is not just a preparation for life; Education is life itself!”

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