CogniGenius: 5 Kinds of Artificial Intelligence, dominating the modern world of advanced technologies….

Fancy of artificial intelligence is no longer just an imagination. The sapiens have already created something so powerful and sophisticated that can successfully imitate numerous functions of human brain. The fascinating quest of seeking innovative methods in order to develop such gigantic electro-mechanical hulks itself tells a compelling odyssey from Artificial Intelligence in early 1950’s to the current and futuristic Pseudo Wisdom…

In fact, the fleeting bursts of Eureka moments which had driven the earlier computer-wizards are now gradually converting into a more subtle expedition. The journey which started from the invention of digital computers is growing to develop an artificial system which can replicate all the 22 billion neurons and 220 trillion synapses of Human Cortex with the aid of Artificial Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms and Deep Learning.

Here, I’ve listed a few such projects which have been proven to be the milestones in the history of AI development:


  1. IBM WATSON:   <

(HIGHLIGHTS –>  Watson competed on JEOPARDY [a quiz show] in 2011, against former winners “Brad Rutter” and “Ken Jennings” winning the first place prize of $ 1 Million …)

If Cognitive Computing be a religion, Watson is the God! Watson is among those rare machines which can process natural languages so smoothly as if it were a human. It can analyse & interpret unstructured data in the form of texts, images, audios and videos. Watson was developed in IBM’s DeepQA Project by a research team led by David Ferrucci, specifically to answer questions on the quiz show “JEOPARDY”.

But, Watson is much more than that. It’s currently utilizing Machine Learning to grow the subject matter expertise in various applications and systems. Watson is available as a set of open API’s and SAAS products, which can be used for personalized analysis & recommendations.

(Fun –> You can open Watson API for “Natural Language Understanding” from its homepage. Here, you can paste any piece of texts or a URL and Watson will analyse it on the basis of ‘Sentiments’, ‘Emotion’, ‘Keywords’, etc.)

2.  Google Deepmind:   < >

(HIGHLIGHTS –> “AlphaGO” is a computer program, developed by “Google Deepmind” in London in October 2015 that plays the Chinese board game “GO”. AlphaGo became the first Computer Program to beat a human professional Go player without handicaps when it first beat “Lee Sedol” in a five-game match in March 2016…)

Deepmind is a product of “DEEPMIND TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED” – a British Artificial Intelligence Company, currently monitored by Alphabet Inc. Deepmind has created a Neural Network that learns how to play video games in a manner similar to that of humans.

Deepmind uses a Neural Turing Machine- a Neural Network that is capable of accessing an external memory like a Conventional Turing Machine which results in a computer that mimics the short-term memory of the human brain.

Deepmind is currently working to develop programs which possess an internal “IMAGINATION ENCODER”, helping them undertake deliberate reasoning. Researchers are also striving to instigate an enthralling project in order to modify the learning rule so that a program can remember old tasks when learning a new one. It’s a huge step towards enabling Continual Learning in Neural Networks.

3.  Pepper:  < >

(HIGHLIGHTS –> Pepper is the world’s first emotionally intelligent robot. Remember the good old days of comics and television-series where some cute little household robots used to steal your heart; well they are slightly becoming a living reality…) 

Pepper is a humanoid developed by “Aldebaran Robotics and SoftBank”. It is designed to be a genuine day-to-day companion, with the exciting feature of reading emotions by analyzing expressions and voice tones.

This cute creature is much more than a robot. It’s your personal companion who can learn to dance, play and even chat in other languages. You can personalize Pepper by using Software Applications that take your fancy, based on your mood, location an occasion.

4. Siri:  < >

(Highlights –> Siri is a personal assistant that uses voice queries and a natural language interface to respond to queries, make recommendations and perform specific tasks as per your request. Siri is the best of its kind in that it’s programmed to adapt to the habits of its users. It learns your behaviour over time and personalizes its responses optimizing the search results…)

Siri is a spin-off from a project originally developed by the “SRI INTERNATIONAL AI CENTER”. Its speech recognition engine is provided by “NUANCE COMMUNICATIONS”.

Siri uses Advanced Machine Learning technologies. If you have any IOS version from “iOS 5” / “macOS Sierra” onward or if you own any version of “watchOS” or “tvOS”, all you have to do  is say ‘Hey, Siri’ and watch the wonder of artificial intelligence.  Whether it be basic phone and text actions, checking basic information, scheduling events and reminders, handling device settings, navigation or search the internet, Siri knows how to please its users.

If you don’t use Apple’s products, don’t worry you got other similar options …Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana are at your service too. Now, you can experience the power of Cognitive Computing at your fingertips.

Welcome to the future folks!

5.  Tesla: 

Elon Musk’s Tesla has been a sensation among the AI lovers. It specializes in “Electric Cars”, “Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage” and “Solar Panels” through their “SolarCity” subsidiary. Currently it’s working on its own self-driving AI chip with AMD.

Tesla turned worldwide heads towards itself after the production of “Roadster” – its first mass produced Electric Sports Car in 2008; ever since Tesla has provided excellent services to its drivers.

Tesla also builds powertrain components for electrical vehicles from other automakers. “Smart ED2”, “RAV4 EV”, and “Freightliner’s Custom Chassis Electric Van” are some fine examples.

Watching the latest researches in Artificial Intelligence sometimes can be an odd experience. On the one hand, you know that you are looking at cutting-edge experimentation, that will probably (eventually!) mesmerize the revolutionary world of technology, but on the other hand, what you are actually looking at is just unavoidably funny and entertaining.

If you are not much interested in the technical details and just want to feel the beauty of Cognitive Science, you can visit this Google-website for fun experiences without coding: 

 Main attractions on this website are “Teachable Machine” which lets you teach a machine using your camera- live in the browser and “Giorgio Cam” which uses image recognition technologies to label what it sees in the picture you take with it. Giorgio Cam also turns those labels into lyrics of a song.

What? Are you expecting more text..?? You slugger! Now go and explore the wonderland on your own…

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