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    CogniGenius: 5 Kinds of Artificial Intelligence, dominating the modern world of advanced technologies….

    Fancy of artificial intelligence is no longer just an imagination. The sapiens have already created something so powerful and sophisticated that can successfully imitate numerous functions of human brain. The fascinating quest of seeking innovative methods in order to develop such gigantic electro-mechanical hulks itself tells a compelling odyssey from Artificial Intelligence in early 1950’s […] More

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    This Girl is a star of Internet today!

    Original posted by user mmmiiieee who found her video while searching for Chinese Videos to practice Mandarin which soon went viral hitting 104k upvotes on Reddit. When the internet was love with her moves, aktivate74 found three more videos about her. As the top comment of this post summed it up perfectly – “Thank you […] More

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    Living with roommates? You have to share this with them!

    Who is a good roommate? Someone with whom you can live without feeling like killing them? This guy took the “good roommate” concept to another level. Reddit user u/HakuG, created a wooden watch for his roommate’s birthday. And it’s not just any other watch. THE FREAKING WATCH SPELLS OUT THE TIME! The watch has carving […] More

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