After ‘The Four Horsewomen’ took wrestling world by storm it’s time for something more for Women’s wrestling in WWE?

“And that’s the bottom line coz stone cold said so”.

Nostalgic isn’t it? Like you even I am die hard fan of wrestling. The theme song of your favorite wrestler playing as they make their entrance in the arena or the referee’s 1,2,3 counts or the ting ting ting sound of the bell on someone’s disqualification. All bring back good old memories. Some people call it WWE which was WWF before. People tend to believe it’s fake. But trust me they do have broken ribs. It’s true they say “never try this at home”.

But this article is not about whether it’s real or not. It’s about the hard work of superstars which entice our mind especially the women division. This division has recently raised standards as compared to the previous timelines. The so-called revolution was initiated on the July 13th  2015’s episode of Monday Night Raw where Stephanie McMahon embraced 3 of the future WWE women’s champion namely Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and The Boss “Sasha Banks”.

The three former members of the NXT four Horsewomen made the women’s locker room very clear that they are here to stay. Charlotte won her first divas champion on the 20th September 2015 at Night of champions breaking Nikki Bella’s long reign of 301 days of being the diva’s champion.

The company played a smart move and introduced the new WWE women’s championship in April 2016 at Wrestlemania 32. The former women’s champion Lita announced that the divas championship in no longer in use and now the women competitor will be also be referred to as WWE superstars as their male counterparts. The term diva was also dropped that night. The then-current Divas champion Charlotte won the new WWE women’s championship by defeating Sasha banks and Becky Lynch in a triple threat match.

On the nineteenth of July 2016, the company introduced WWE brand split yet again due to which Charlotte was drafted to Monday night RAW leaving the SmackDown division without a women’s championship. But on the August 23, 2016 the SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan introduced a new WWE women’s championship exclusive to SmackDown. A six-pack challenge was initiated where Becky Lynch became the first ever WWE SmackDown women’s champion.

Now Raw and SmackDown both had their own women champions. Half of the year, on RAW the rivalry between Charlotte and Sasha banks took place including two main events. On SmackDown, the current RAW women’s champion Alexa Bliss was drafted to SmackDown and defeated Becky Lynch at TLC to become the second wwe SmackDown women’s champion.

Till date, Alexa Bliss holds the record to win both Raw and SmackDown women’s championship. On May 30th 2017 it was announced that five of the SmackDown’s women will compete in the first ever female Money in the Bank ladder match at a later date. Carmella won the briefcase which hold the contract of a title defense against the SmackDown women’s champion anytime, anywhere, any place.

Now the question arises, what’s next for these female superstars? Is it to bring some championships to them?

These superstars have done everything possible and have raised the bar to a completely different standard. There in no stone untouched. They have become Jack of all trades. If I had to given an idea to the great WWE writers, I would surely suggest a WWE women’s tag-team championship.

It’s high time these ladies get a tag team division of their own. These days there is already an alias forming on both RAW and SmackDown between Sasha Banks-Bayley and Charlotte-Becky Lynch respectively. If they are to become RAW and SmackDown’s women’s tag-team champion, we can even have ourselves a unified WWE women’s tag-team championship in the future. There is a new alliance forming between Tamina and Lana as well. Brining out a tag-team championship will be the best way to engage their storylines.

Bringing the tag-team division amongst female competitors means giving a chance to less focused superstars like Emma, Tamina, Nia Jax, Carmella, Mickie James, Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke, and Lana. The ladies can very well showcase their talent in the tag-team division as tag-team is always a better idea.

Who would have ever thought Cesaro and Sheamus will become so popular as the RAW tag-team champion? Their fan following is tremendous as compared to their individual popularity. They eat, train and travel together. Even the WWE universe happily accepted them. With the first ever women’s tag-team championship, the opportunities will be endless and some great feuds will be showcased.


It’s high time, the WWE writers should think in this way as their main motive is to entertain the WWE universe. Watching WWE since 2000, this idea popped up to me.

What about you? Got any superb ideas?

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