5 Efficient Tinder Tips ! Because deep down you know you want them 😀


Alright! Throughout the course of time I have been asked tinder tip questions from my guy friends.

They either ask it directly, or make me answer a set of questions which when consolidated gives them an idea about how women think.

Do you ever wonder what is it that a woman sees in your profile before deciding to swipe left or right? Do you ever wonder why some of your friends have a lot more “matching rate” than you??

If your answer is No (which I highly  doubt it will be 😋, no offence!) then kindly skip this and jump to next article.

If it’s yes, then what a better way to find it out right here from a girl who’s ready to share!

1. You wana look right? Keep your shades aside!

There are a lot of profiles I swipe left just for the reason that I can’t see their eyes!  No matter how many handsome pictures you put up with your Aviators, a girl needs to see it in your eyes before she swipes right.

2. ‎Yes we read your Bio!

Bio descriptions are pre-indicators of how the conversation will go ahead if we match.

Put up a fun , simple, creative or even intriguing descriptions to make sure a girl will swipe right!

No description is a turn off.

If you don’t want to write much about you, simply point out what your likings and interests are. That always works 🙂

3. Everyone enjoys a mix up

When selecting pictures , always mix it up! Every picture should show a different aspect of you.

Never put two pictures from the same location or same pose.

Put up some genuine pictures from the trip you had, mix it up with a normal picture of you and then again with that picture when you are chilling out with friends , maybe one with someone’s pet that you love to play with.

It’s not always about asthetics.Give these girls a reason to swipe you right and ask you questions about the pictures.

4. Ditch that “Looking for Friends” line

Do you really think girls will buy that? Everybody knows why you are here. Tinder is a Dating App. If you are genuinely looking for friendship , try Facebook or Instagram.

Yea I know SRK has once said-“Pyar dosti Hai” .

But come on! You can come up with something more interesting than just “looking for friends”.

I understand it’s a hard game out there but really! Don’t friendzone yourself already 😉

5. Connect your Instagram! Make your distance and age visible

If you have an Instagram profile , don’t be reluctant to connect it on Tinder! We like to see what we are about to go through when we swipe right and get a match😀

Who knows what picture will make that girl want to know more about you .It’s a big sea out there full of fishes, maybe this is your chance to stand out!

There! That’s enough for a good start. Make these simple changes and You are all set!

Bonus: when you get a match, always try to start with something fun rather than just a ‘hi’ . 😀 Break the ice . Try some new opening lines. Either she will be impressed or she will have a good laugh. 😊 You win both ways.

Enjoy tindering!

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